"I don't want sex"

I wasn't going to post this now, but I couldn't resist. It's tooooooo funny. Peep how he kicked the crackhead.


Sooooooooooo damn tuff.

That's the name of the song btw. Not official video, but new Heltah Skeltah song and random youtube fights? Yea.. I'm wid' it.

Officer Rauce SLU Freestyle.

I like his verse on this. In my opinion its better then Hov's and Ye's, but that's just me. Video is kind of funny too. SLUpt2 is coming out soon so look for that. Andre 3k, Esco, and Hov on the same track.. hope Jay doesn't talk about his nuts.



It sucks that I'm not surprised

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now I understand this isn't as extreme as the other tragedies but I thought it should be mentioned. They had a chance to save the guy, regardless if he was "emotionally disturbed." This kind of shit makes me think, where are the cops...for the cops?

Big ups to the family.


Video thugs get no love.

Remember this cat? Well he got himself into some problems with The Lox apparently. What I don't understand is whats the point of talking "beef" into a camera? He lives in the same area, if you feel this strong about it go up to the niggas house and fight him. SMH. I would think if you have something to say to someone it would be directly. Now you just look stupid. Lol @ the dude with the gun next to him.

Oh yea one more thing, the mixtape will be finished next weekend. Pigs locked some of the BIC members up. Fuck 5-0. Smoke weed everyday. Peace.


Another day Another dolla

"Get out of my space like I denied you"

What do you get when you mix a video camera, some dudes who like to freestyle, and Marijuana? A cool smacked cyph, to the second power. Feel me? More to come.

Here we go.

Watsup g's?

I kind of wanted our first blog to be a good one, so I thought I'd bend the rules a little bit for you fans out there and get in trouble. Here is a taste of that oh so anticipated mixtape. Shout outs to HypeverbCab. Enjoy